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Sidebar: I am using this blog to keep me inspired on my fitness journey. Two years ago, Cynthia J’s testimonial was very inspiring to me. Enjoy!


I’ve read where some people say they’ve been fat all their adult life. Well, for me it’s been ALL my life, it seems. I recall being uncomfortable about my weight as early as age 10. It didn’t get any better. By age 16 I wore a size 16, and at age 30 I was almost a size 30! I was a size 26-28, to be exact, weighing approximately 320 pounds. Needless to say, I was quite unhappy, and my self-esteem was on the floor. People would always say, “You have such a pretty face.” They didn’t comment on the rest of me, except behind my back.
At the age of 40 I was lying in a hospital bed diagnosed with a bad case of pneumonia when my physician stated that my large chest was causing pressure on my lungs, making my recovery more difficult. I recall thinking right then and there that I would never again be told something like that by another doctor. I promised myself that my lifestyle would change. Also, there is something about turning 40 that makes one stop and think seriously about the future. I became more concerned about my health.

When I was well enough to exercise, I began going to the gym every morning before work, arriving when they opened at 5:30 AM. I walked the treadmill until 6:00 AM while watching the morning news. I counted every one of those 30 minutes because I truly hated exercising. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was simply doing the wrong exercise. Working out with machines just isn’t my cup of tea. I hired a personal trainer from a while and paid a fortune! He helped me tremendously and I hung in there as long as I could, dropping approximately 25 pounds. However, I could not continue paying for a trainer, and the gym bored me terribly. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, and that worried me. I refused, just COULD NOT gain the weight back! I was still far from my goal of losing 100 pounds. I knew I could never be successful without exercise. I was making healthy choices in my food, but exercise was just as important. While trying to figure out what to do to stay motivated, my weight began creeping back. I was distraught.

While seeking support on a fitness chat board, I read many testimonials about Beachbody. They were raving—Beachbody this and Beachbody that! Tony this and Tony that! Many had lost a lot of weight doing Power 90. I felt left out. I asked questions, was directed to the Beachbody Web site, and was immediately impressed! I knew I had found the answer to my problem. I ordered Power 90 because it looked great. Friends had gotten results, and I figured my husband could do the videos with me. I was so excited when they arrived, and we got started right away.

It felt good to work out in my own home, day or night, whenever I felt like it . . . rain or shine, sleet or snow. I didn’t need to drive anywhere, take time away from home, or carry a large gym bag. I knew this was my answer. And Tony was so much fun. I felt encouraged and motivated all over again. I religiously Pushed Play and I loved monitoring my workouts on the tracking sheet that was included. I couldn’t wait to move to the level 3-4 routine. Overnight it seemed my weight was falling off again, but faster this time. I finished the Power 90 program and started again. With the help of Tony and the people on the Beachbody chats and Message Boards, I lost almost 80 pounds in eight months. I later ordered Slim Series and P90X (great workouts!), and I lost another 20 pounds.

Thank you, Beachbody!!! Instead of a size 26-28, I now wear a size 12. Instead of shamefully avoiding eye contact with others, I now hold my head high and walk with pride. I look and feel better than I have in my entire life, and instead of looking age 45, people who don’t know any better assume I’m in my thirties.

If I had known I’d discover Power 90 and lose the weight I did, I would have taken real “before” and “after” photos to proudly display, and I would have taken specific measurements. But the pounds melted off before I knew it. At times I am still in awe when I look in the mirror, and I can’t believe that after years of trying, I am a real Success Story now. Thank you so much, Beachbody!

To those who are where I used to be, I say try Beachbody! Get started as soon as possible. You have nothing to lose but the excess weight and health problems.

Good luck,

Cynthia J.

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BY ANY GREENS NECESSARY by Tracye Lynn McQuirter

I am currently reading the book entitled, BY ANY GREENS NECESSARY, by Tracye Lynn McQuirter, MPH. Thanks to My Sorority Sister and health consultant Evelyn Parham suggested that I read this book.


By Any Greens Necessary: A Revolutionary Guide for Black Women Who Want to Eat Great, Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Look Phat is a wake-up call for every black woman who dreams of getting healthy and slim without sacrificing great food and gorgeous curves. With inspiration, attitude, and expertise, Tracye McQuirter, M.P.H., shows you how to be healthy, hippy, and happy by eating plenty of delicious and nutritious plant-based foods.

The first vegan food guide for African American women, the book includes:

  • Tracye’s personal journey from omnivore to vegan
  • More than forty delicious and nutritious recipes highlighted with color photographs
  • Menus and advice on transitioning to vegan foods (Source)
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In Thintervention, Fitness Trainer Jackie Warner of the Bravo series Work Out will do what she does best – kick butt and inspire drastic lifestyle changes for her overweight clients who are struggling to lose weight and get healthy for good. Warner will push them to their limit at her gym and inspire them with intense workouts at amazing locations. Not sent to a weight loss camp or facility, instead Warner works with them in their real lives surrounded by the everyday distractions and stresses of family and work, making the chances for long-term success greater. Progress will be checked through group therapy and daily weigh-ins. Warner will do whatever it takes to keep her clients on track – even if it means surprise ambushes at their homes, work or when out socializing.

In typical Warner boot camp style, she will accept nothing less than full commitment to change and will confront those that do not show her they are sincere with their fitness goals.

Sidebar: I will be following the weight loss tips given during episodes of Thintervention. The first assignment is to rid of the sugar from your diet (modified Atkins diet) and drink more water.

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As you can tell, I have not been consistent with my weight loss commitment.

I have been praying for months for God to send me a program that was affordable and under the supervision of a local doctor.

This morning I think my prayers were answered.

Later today, I will be calling the Dramatic Weight Loss Center located in Dunwoody, GA.

I learned about this program from listening to V-103 DJ Wanda Smith of the Frank and Wanda Morning Show.

Wish me luck. I will update you after I call the Weight Loss Center.

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I have decided to a 30-day Mini Health Challenge. I have incorporated the word “mini” because it only requires some small changes in our current lifestyle. This Challenge was inspired by the video below by Youtube blogger SPARKWISDOM.

The 30-day Mini Health Challenge consist of the following:

1.  No eating after 7 PM and reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet.

 2. Drink only water (no soda and juices) .

3.  Workout 5xs per week for at least 1 hr.

Feel free to join the challenge and post your progress in the comment section of this post.

*Disclaimer: Remember to consult your physician before participating in any weight loss program or challenge.

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Welcome to The Healthy Lawyer

One week ago today, I was preparing to be released from the hospital. My hospitalization changed my life. After being in the hospital for five days, I realized that I could not continue thinking and living as I have prior to my hospitalization.  If I want to live and live with quality, I had to make me a priority. So welcome to my health journey of making me a priority.

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